We took several exhibits for testing...

We took several exhibits for testing...

3 November 2023 0000

Valentina Veliyeva, Founder of the LAB 151 Company

- I represent a chain of organic cosmetics stores in Azerbaijan. We came to the Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition to find new mutually beneficial partners. We always keep up with the times and understand the benefits of intellectual development. Taking into account that we own beauty salons apart from the network of stores, our attention was attracted by the stands of companies from the Yaroslavl region offering interesting brands of cosmetics, perfumery, and nail products. An important feature of these products is related to their organic composition because our company philosophy is about being organic and vegan. We took several samples of the products for testing. If they show good results, we are ready to sign contracts. We work with all brands through exclusive representation. If the brands of the companies presented at the exhibition suit us, we are ready to assume the representation.

I would like to note that all the brands we bring to Azerbaijan are first seen at exhibitions. It is very convenient because we can see the goods visually, test the products, and establish direct contacts with manufacturers. I would like Beauty Azerbaijan to develop and present more exclusive products.