Modern detergents and cleaning products

Modern detergents and cleaning products

2 November 2023 0000

Gizkhanym Ismayilova Brand manager AZERSUN HOLDING LLC

"Azersun Holding" is taking appropriate steps for the development of the non-food sector as well as the food sector. The Cleaning Products Factory was brought onstream on 1 April 2022. That consumers have recognized high-quality products produced by our factories and plants is a sure sign of our success in the non-food sector.

This year's exhibition sees the display of various detergent and cleaning product brands such as Crystalex, Pure Sense, Oxywhite, Wipelex, and Praxi.

Pure Sense represents a personal hygiene brand. It has natural content and is abundant in special fragrances, but does not contain harmful substances such as phthalates, parabens, or SLS. The most important and distinctive feature of the brand is its provitamin B5 content."Crystalex" dishwashing liquid is produced with special oxy-carbon technology. These products have a power of 8 with their composition. Its most important features are that it deeply cleanses oils, does not dry hands and removes tea stains.This product is eight times more effective due to its composition. Its most important is removes deeply etched oils and tea stains and does not dry hands. The Praxi brand provides maximum cleanliness, combining all the products necessary for cleaning.

All our production is driven by concern for human health. At Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition, we are hopeful that our exposition will attract the visitors' attention, so that they will be interested in the future. We believe that this exhibition will lead us to greater success in the cleaning products category.