Great interest in innovations in the field of medicine and beauty

Great interest in innovations in the field of medicine and beauty

5 November 2022 0000

Esmira Garibova, dermatologist, children's polyclinic

I am a neurologist, and I am mainly interested in drugs and products related directly to my work. My colleagues and I are primarily attracted by innovations in the field of medicine and beauty. Thanks to today's exhibition, we successfully got acquainted with the beauty zone of the exhibition.

My attention was drawn to the Greek “Aphrodite” company. I consulted with its specialists and even purchased the products presented by them.

We came to the exhibition by invitation. Separately, I would like to note the level of organisation of the exhibition. The big plus of this event is that it provides a spectacular study of all expositions, allows you to get acquainted with products and business offers in detail, as well as to communicate with representatives of local and foreign companies. However, I would like the number of participating companies to increase in the future. We want further expansion of variety of foreign expositions.

I believe that such events should be held on a regular basis. Personally, as a doctor, it is always interesting for me to see and learn any new product.