Exploring the market for branded beauty industry products

Exploring the market for branded beauty industry products

3 November 2023 0000

Olga Mustafayeva, Representative of Moon Full Gel Polish Company in Azerbaijan

I came to the Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition from the Republic of Nakhchivan. At present, we are launching a brand store in Nakhchivan. And my visit to this exhibition is connected with the desire to study the market of the beauty industry branded goods. From the expositions presented at the exhibition, the developments of the Russian Termish company attracted my attention the most. Nail products in bright colors, gel-lacquer packaging that is convenient for the work of masters, a variety of rhinestones styled like Swarovski stones, paraffins, and antibacterial antioxidants. The latter composition includes panthenol, which has a positive effect when applied. Now, we will test all products to establish further cooperation with their manufacturers.

An exhibition always represents a move forward, development, and advancement. The main thing that Beauty Azerbaijan gave me was the opportunity to get in touch with the products of various companies. In our field, we cannot always rely on advertising. That is why as professionals, we need this exhibition on an even larger scale, involving a greater number of participants.