Exhibitions of this kind should be held regularly.

Exhibitions of this kind should be held regularly.

4 November 2022 0000

Svetlana Khashaeva, cosmetologist

I have been working in the field of cosmetology for over twenty years. I came to the Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition hoping to see new products in the beauty field. I already work with most of the companies exhibiting here, but today I got the opportunity to get acquainted with new medicines from partner companies.

In general, I was interested in the whole exhibition. I saw the ad on the Internet and decided to attend the event to test my qualifications - this is important professionally. And I did not pass by the exhibition related to the medicine. I would like to keep abreast of new technologies in this field as well. The exhibition is very well organised, but objectively speaking, there are not so many companies and brands represented. I would like to seemuch more foreign and local companies.

Such exhibitions should be held often so that specialists in these areas can follow the latest developments and have the opportunity to directly contact potential partners.