Beauty Azerbaijan: cosmetics, perfumery, aesthetic medicine, salon equipment

Beauty Azerbaijan: cosmetics, perfumery, aesthetic medicine, salon equipment

5 November 2022 0000

On November 5, the International Exhibition of Medical Innovations, Medinex and Azerbaijan International Exhibition of the Beauty Industry, Beauty Azerbaijan which were organised by Caspian Event Organisers, completed their work at the Baku Expo Center.

An important sign of these events was the restoration of professional ties on an international scale after the coronavirus pandemic. The combined exposition of the exhibitions attracted more than 90 companies from 12 countries of the world. Specialists and industry workers met again for the first time after two years of forced pause.

Numerous foreign guests and exhibitors emphasised the exceptional importance of restoring business contacts and acquiring new ones, as well as obtaining up-to-date information.

Most visitors, of course, first of all paid attention to innovations in the field of beauty and health. Everyone found their circle of interests, met with colleagues or industry experts who were ready to advise on any issue. As part of Beauty Azerbaijan, products for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, perfumes, personal hygiene, natural cosmetics, hair and body care, decorative and professional cosmetics, salon equipment and hairdressing accessories were presented.

The format of the presentations and the opportunity to obtain an up-to-date information both at the booths and during the panel discussions of the business program became the best recommendation for the visitors who represented all areas of healthcare and body care.

Special attention is paid to the conclusion of advantageous contracts both among local manufacturers and foreign exhibitors. The beauty industry has always been an integral part of a progressive society, therefore this exhibition has become the next stage in strengthening ties and developing business relationship in the world market of cosmetics, perfumery, salon equipment.

It is necessary to note the social, economic and spiritual efficiency of both projects supported by the leading health departments of Azerbaijan, which guarantees further growth of exhibitions in the future.