An effective cream for your face!

An effective cream for your face!

2 November 2023 0000

Regina Valeeva, International Sales Manager at MIXSOON

Mixsoon is a Korean cosmetics brand with a minimalistic approach. Our concept is to avoid chemical additives and ingredients that the skin does not need. Instead, our brand focuses on main active ingredients that make the skin healthy.

We use a special extraction method to preserve the best quality of raw materials and adhere to a strict production process. Mixsoon's main products include an essence with soy extract and a centella-based face sunscreen, which is light and soft in structure and provides effective protection against UV rays but does not leave white traces on the skin. Centella helps relieve skin irritation. We have our own centella field on Jeju Island. I would especially like to note that we always donate part of our proceeds to environmental campaigns.In addition, we are presenting sticks with soy against wrinkles and acne, hydrophilic oil with soy, as well as a new eye cream at Beauty Azerbaijan exhibition.

We have already met people from different companies, and many a guest expressed their interest in our products. Overall, I believe such exhibitions are of great use: it makes a lot of sense to visit profile events where one could meet new customers and business partners.