Airbrushing leader in the beauty industry market

Airbrushing leader in the beauty industry market

2 november 2023 0000

Yekaterina Kuznetsova, founder and director at TERMISH

TERMISH is a developer and manufacturer of professional materials for airbrushing and manicures. 18 partner countries trust us with their reputation; our company confidently secures a leading position in the airbrushing sector of the beauty industry market. For five years, we have been developing and delivering most popular and demanded courses, regularly updating our programs, and happily sharing and passing on all the secrets of the nail service profession as part of our courses.

In 2019, TERMISH released a specialized line of gel systems for the beauty market professionals: polygels, gel polishes, bases, tops, and liquids necessary in a manicurist's work.

All products are manufactured under the strict control of TERMISH's Russian specialists and is subjected to pre-sale inspection by our QC department. Purchasing certified TERMISH products from official representatives, you can be sure they are high quality and authentic items.

Our expectations from Beauty Azerbaijan include finding partners in Baku; we strive to expand the area of nail service specialists, as our products are in the premium segment. It is our desire to give women quality products from our company. Our objective is to find potential partners at the exhibition, strike an agreement, and work to our mutual benefit in Azerbaijan.