Advantages of JEANMISHEL

Advantages of JEANMISHEL

2 November 2023 0000

Alina Tarasova, Manager, JEANMISHEL

JEANMISHEL is a Russian brand of decorative cosmetics and nail products with more than two decades of experience. We produce cosmetics for such countries as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

We originally started with nail polishes; such colored polishes and other nail products contain active components that care for, restore, and nourish the plate. Our slate also includes lip glosses, mascaras, and eyeliners, which allow ladies to create a natural everyday or a spectacular evening look. Our brand's products make it easy to highlight a woman's individuality. The main advantage JEANMISHEL offers is the optimal price-quality ratio, that is, high quality at an affordable price. We therefore hold top spots by sales in such stores as L'Etuale and Golden Apple.

We are working to expand and add trendy colors to our range of polishes. We have showcased our brandnew products at the exhibition: neon, matte, and nude lines, which enjoy great popularity.

We are set to present our brand to the Azerbaijani market at the exhibition and set up partnership with other countries so that we can supply JEANMISHEL cosmetics to Baku. Besides, always in search of better quality, we are interested in meeting suppliers of quality raw materials.