Beauty Azerbaijan - The magic of laser innovations

The magic of laser innovations



Semra Movsumova, Sales Director, Laser Solutions

The modern beauty industry is constantly evolving. Beauty salons offer all-new solutions, innovations in the field of healthy skin, for face, skin and hair. Today, laser technology provides unique skin rejuvenation treatments.

Our company was recently established; it includes seven branches, of which three are presented at the current Beauty exhibition. We are professionally engaged in the sale and service of laser devices. Moreover, we have organised the Laser Studio system, in which, for brand recognition, we have installed our devices in busy places in Baku. The campaign has a double goal: to implement entry into the local market and inform the population about the possibilities of modern innovations. So, laser procedures are indicated for loss of elasticity of the skin of the face and neck, décolleté and hands, for wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, etc. They are used to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

The use of laser technology shortens the rehabilitation period – Now, you can forget about the long weeks of recovery after surgery, as well as hematomas and other complications! The high temperature of the laser destroys possible bacteria, greatly increasing the safety of surgical intervention. Laser technologies today are successfully used in blepharoplasty, lipoxation, and other areas of surgical intervention.

We hope that the exhibition will help expand the customer base and provide new business connections. The exhibition is a lively event and many visitors have already approached our stand.