COVID-19 preventive measures


As of June 2021, all exhibitions and events organised by Caspian Event Organisers are held in strict compliance with all new requirements and recommendations for safety and health. You are kindly requested to carefully read the rules set out below. Any breach of these rules will result in an administrative penalty in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
Entrance to the exhibition grounds and halls will be available only by Invitation ticket (Invitation ticket can be obtained after online registration or by mail from the Organisers)
Attention! Entrance to the exhibition for visitors aged over 18 years is only possible with the presence of a COVID-passport (an official certificate confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination, or an official certificate of recovery from COVID-19)
Obligatory wearing of facemasks and their regular replacement during the day
Observing the established 2 meter social distancing at the exhibition is obligatory
Please avoid hand shaking and exchanging business cards at the exhibition
Disinfect your hands before entering and leaving the exhibition centre
Frequently disinfect your hands throughout the day during the exhibition hours
Body temperature control, a frequently used screening test, is required at the entrance to the exhibition pavilion / business programme zones
If you feel unwell or sick and, in case of symptoms of the disease, please contact the emergency medical centre (Ground Floor, Baku Expo Center)
COVID Patrol will be monitoring the compliance with the required wearing of medical masks, including the adherence to the social distancing and other requirements in the territory of Baku Expo Center
We kindly ask you to be health-wise and encourage you to join us in strictly adhering to the established rules.